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Reading a storybook together with flashcards is a quality-time activity that children will enjoy. Use King Joe products to give your students the vocabulary to understand the math. (Click here to learn more about The King Joe Math Series.)

Each boxed sets include:
  • Full-color Storybook
  • Accompanying Vocabulary Flashcards
Buy all six books and SAVE $30.00!

The King Joe Math Series

  • Is linked to California, Oklahoma, Texas and National Math Standards.

  • Improves children's math scores with 800 key math vocabulary words and phrases.

  • Helps your children or students learn the necessary math vocabulary to be successful in the classroom and on standardized tests. Click here for more benefits.

Look inside Unit 4Try Unit 4: Geometry & Spatial Sense

King Joe Goes to the Fair

by Linda Rodgers. Ed.D.

Price : $49.99

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A boxed set includes a 90-page, full-color storybook with 80 accompanying flashcards about geometry and spatial sense.

Have fun with King Joe and his friends at the fair. See how King Joe gets lost and Leonardo the Lion has a lucky day. Going to the fair has never been this fun!

More about The King Joe Series:

The King Joe Series is an educational storybook/flashcard series designed to reinforce a comprehensive list of nearly 800 math vocabulary words and phrases taken from 13 of the most popular textbook series nationwide. The King Joe Series is the first-ever comprehensive educational storybook series connecting reading and math for children.

  • Designed from a compilation of educational†sources, including the California and National Math Standards (NCTM)
  • Includes a comprehensive list of approximately 800 math words and phrases used in 13 of our nationís most popular math textbook series
  • Developed for second grade, the first year standardized tests are mandated, but applicable to grades K-5
  • A 6-unit series divided by math subject matter skills plus a bonus book about music
  • Encourages family involvement
  • Creates a connection from concrete to pictorial which is referred to as a "Key to Success"
  • Addresses our nation's educational deficiencies
  • Ties together reading literacy and math success
  • Promotes critical thinking skills
  • Reinforces vocabulary recognition and concepts
  • Improves math scores in the classroom and on standardized tests
  • Builds self-esteem
  • Classroom instruction
  • Learning centers
  • After-school programs
  • Summer school porgrams
  • Accelerated programs
  • Standardized test preparation
  • Home reinforcement
  • Home schools

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